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Hello, I'm Ofunne

I'm a UX designer based in Mississauga, Canada. I have a background in Psychology and Education.  I'm currently a Master's student and loving the experience! I value human connection, fairness, equality for all and accessibility. I really enjoy solving design problems and making experiences pleasant for people.

The pandemic led to a massive unexpected change in the way I taught children and moved to a more interactive way of teaching and learning online. This made me interested in learning UX design. A friend of mine who is a designer suggested looking into UX design and that's how I got started on my UX journey.

When I am not designing, I am often reading a novel, looking up brunch spots or my next travel destination. I love watching foreign films and television shows especially korean and Iranian cinema.

I used to be a special Ed Teacher and a behavior therapist so I'm really interested in edtech. But for now, I'm loving the process of designing and building my experience!

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